Introduction: The Queer Christian
The Queer ChristianSeptember 30, 202100:03:282.39 MB

Introduction: The Queer Christian

Questioning the Bible’s stance on same-sex attraction or premarital sex?

This podcast series debunks the myths propagated by conservative churches. We expose the shameful use of Old Testament verses to condemn gay Christians and spotlight Biblical scriptures that affirm queer identities.

Yes, there are pro-LGBTQIA+ scriptures.

And NOWHERE in the Gospel does Jesus forbid premarital sex, same-sex marriages, or female priests.

If your faith and sexuality seem at odds, these podcasts may help.

Too many churches teach a cultural gospel, a false gospel, that Jesus never preached.

In this series we will address the “clobber verses” conservative churches incorrectly use to condemn same-sex couples.

We will discuss the many affirming verses in scripture God uses to bless sexual and gender minorities.

And we will talk about the teaching of sexual purity. How many churches are teaching young Christians—straight and queer—non-Biblical rules that few can follow. And the guilt, shame and poor decisions that follow.